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Each leak detector manufacturer shall maintain the stability and long-term operation of the leak detector

Maintaining the stability and long-term normal operation of the leak detector is the basis for improving the working efficiency of the leak detectorFirst of all, itsPreventive maintenance is very importantAs we all know, the vacuum pump, valve and other moving parts inside the leak detector will be worn during operation, and these parts need regular maintenance. When the leak detector works, it will also inhale dust, condensable gas and other pollutants, especially volatile organic compounds. These pollutants will enter the leak detector and accumulate continuously, affecting the normal operation of multiple core components. The preventive maintenance of these parts will minimize the risk of sudden shutdown of your equipment and save maintenance costs.


valve body

The internal structure of the valve body is precise and the channel is complex. The dust and other pollutants inhaled by the leak detector will accumulate in the channel of the valve body and produce problems such as loose sealing of the valve/Faults such as air leakage, high background leakage rate reading or instability.

ion source

The pollutants attached to the inner surface of the ion source cavity and the filament are easy to be ionized to produce black carbon deposition, resulting in the decline of the service life of the ion source, the decline of the sensitivity of the leak detector and the inaccurate reading of the leakage rate/Unstable, calibration "gain too high" alarm and other faults.

Front stage pump

The front stage pump sucks pollutants from the workpiece and water vapor in the air during operation. If the maintenance is neglected, the pump oil will deteriorate and emulsify, the pump cavity will be worn or rusted, the operation noise of the front stage pump will become louder, and the oil seal will leak oil, which will also affect the limit vacuum, thus affecting the leak detection accuracy. Even because the limit vacuum of the front stage pump cannot reach the starting pressure of the molecular pump, the leak detector will be in a stable state after starting"Pressure waiting" status.

Turbo molecular pump

Pollutants inhaled during leak detection may be brought into the molecular pump if they accumulate too much in the valve body. Dust and volatile organic compounds will cause poor bearing lubrication, reduce service life, and cause excessive power of molecular pump and even alarm and shutdown of leakage detector.

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