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Application of leak detector in auto parts industry

There are also many leakage rate requirements because vehicles need to test a variety of components. The engine block has very basic requirements for sealing, and the requirements for leakage test of safety components such as airbag igniter are very high. With the increasingly stringent requirements of automobile emission regulations, fuel components also need to be tested with higher sensitivity.


Leakage rate requirements

In view of its wide application, different leakage testing technologies are used in the industry. From high-speed bubble test to automatic helium leak test.

In the past, most parts were tested by pressure attenuation method, but now the increasingly strict regulations make this method no longer meet the requirements of many parts. Therefore, more and more parts are tested by helium leakage method.

With the gradual promotion of helium mass spectrometer leak detector in the automotive parts industry, its advantages and benefits are more and more recognized. Constantly explore the advantages and methods of helium mass spectrometer leak detector, so that it can be widely used and developed in the automotive parts industry.

The progress of helium mass spectrometer leak detector is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1)Portable: in recent years, the small portable leak detector introduced by various countries not only has high sensitivity, but also is easy to carry, which provides great convenience for field operation and high-altitude operation.

2)Leak detection under high pressure: the pressure at the leak detection port can be as high as hundreds of PA, which is very beneficial to the detection of large systems and workpieces with large leakage.

3)High degree of automation: automatic calibration of helium peak, automatic adjustment of zero point, automatic range conversion, automatic data processing, and external printer. The whole machine is controlled by microcomputer, menu selection function, and one button can complete the whole leak detection process.

4)Oil free dry leak detection: the leak detector produced in some countries can use dry pump to achieve the effect of oil-free steam, which provides favorable conditions for the leak detection of oil-free systems, chips and other semiconductor devices.

Leak detection port configuration:

Customized precision filtering device can effectively prevent foreign particles or copper powder from entering the instrument.

Multi mode function input and output, easy to connect various automation equipment.

The machine is effectively separated from the circuit, which avoids the interference of temperature and electromagnetic field, and makes the operation of the leak detector more stable and reliable

The minimum detectable leakage rate is low, the sensitivity is high, and the detection range reacheselevenLevel.

So the above is about the application of leak detector in auto parts industry. I hope it can help you~

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