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Helium mass spectrometer leak detector heszk a900
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Product appearance: well designed, novel, beautiful and durable.

Simple operation: small size, moderate weight, reasonable structure, simple operation and humanized panel.

Operating system: combined with the product characteristics in the application field, the control system can be customized according to customer needs.

Excellent performance: the core components are imported from Germany and Japan, with fast response time, wide measurement range, high sensitivity and fast leak detection.

Powerful functions: rich menu setting options, multiple authority management and control, and automatic switching of multiple leak detection modes.

Multiple interfaces: with RS485 / 232, appearance IO design, external regulatory standard interface.

High reliability: yttrium iridium oxide filament with strong oxidation resistance is used to improve filament life, reduce heat and have strong protection function.

Accurate leak detection: the leading helium mass spectrometry chamber and core components are adopted to ensure accurate leak detection.

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