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PUFA hand push mobile leak detector
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Outstanding performance, fast testing
ASM 390 and ASM 392 are perfect leak detection solutions for semiconductors
And the display industry and other demanding applications that require rapid evacuation
Time and high sensitivity. Both models fully comply with semi S2 standard.
These leak detectors are equipped with dry non-contact front stage pumps and powerful high vacuum turbomolecular pumps, making them ideal tools for leak testing of various components in a clean environment. ASM 392 is equipped with an additional turbomolecular pump, which can accelerate the leakage detection process and reduce the downtime of production equipment.
Durable, accurate and reliable
The development of ASM 390 and ASM 392 is based on the ability of operators at any level
Hands on equipment. They can all provide excellent performance and accurate results in the shortest time, so as to improve efficiency in the field.
Ergonomic and sensitive operation
ASM 390 and ASM 392 have the same platform, unique ergonomic design, appropriate size and height. There is an auxiliary handle in the front, the display can rotate and disassemble freely, the front entrance is easy to connect to the test port, and the operability is unparalleled. They can be used in various test sites, even in a narrow space.
Smart and user friendly
With a clear color widescreen touch screen, an integrated toolbox with modular compartment and vacuum bellows storage, you will sigh how easy leak detection is with all the accessories you need at the place of use.



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