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Coating principle

Coating is mainly to reduce reflection. In order to improve the light transmittance and image quality of the lens, the lens should be coated in modern lens manufacturing technology. The coating of the lens is based on the optical interference principle. A layer of material with a thickness of one quarter of the wavelength (usually fluoride) is coated on the surface of the lens to minimize the reflection of the color light of this wavelength. Obviously, one layer of film only works on one color light, while multi-layer coating can work on a variety of color light. Multilayer coating usually uses different materials to repeatedly coat the lens surface with different thicknesses. Multilayer coating can greatly improve the light transmittance of the lens. For example, the reflectivity of each surface of the lens without coating is 5%, which can be reduced to 2% after single-layer coating, and the multilayer coating can be reduced to 0.2%. In this way, the diffuse reflection between the lenses of the lens can be greatly reduced, so as to improve the contrast and sharpness of the image.

matters needing attention

The temperature of coated vehicle body shall not be too high (above 30 °), and the construction shall be carried out in the professional construction workshop. When there is wind and sand, pay attention to the room sealing. After the coating construction, the vehicle shall not be exposed to the sun to prevent the dissolution of the reagent layer. The reagent layer shall be thin and uniform, and pay attention to the work clothes. The cuffs shall not rub the reagent layer. It is strictly prohibited to step on the reagent on the door frame, and the body close to the vehicle body, exterior trim, glass The rubber parts shall be erased in time when they are stained with chemicals. Some car sunroof seals are made of textile materials, which shall be covered with masking paper in advance to avoid being stained with chemicals. Do not wash the car within 7 days after coating.

Required equipment and products
Equipment used: beauty tool car, glaze sealing machine, glaze sealing sponge, nano towel, cotton swab, plane sponge and wave sponge
Products used: brightener, sealant, mirror smoothing agent, coating products, active accelerator, tire polish. Glass cleaning fluid, surface wax, asphalt cleaning agent
Construction position: paint, tire, glass, table

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