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Hydrogen energy power

Hydrogen energy auxiliary power energy-saving device is based on the physical principle of Brownian gas (hydrogen and oxygen gas) produced after pure water electrolysis. It is applicable to internal combustion engines such as cars, buses, trucks, construction machinery and ships fueled by gasoline or diesel, so as to mix gasoline and diesel fuel with hydrogen and oxygen gas to form hybrid power, so as to reduce the consumption of automobile gasoline and diesel fuel, increase automobile power and increase fuel economy, Reduce the emission of automobile exhaust pollutants.
Device function
Save fuel, improve power, reduce emissions and remove carbon deposits
Installation method
1. To ensure the safety of you and your vehicle, please disconnect the positive (+) connecting wire of the vehicle battery before installing this product.
2. In order to ensure the normal operation of this product, please place this product horizontally in a suitable position in the vehicle and fix it.
3. The wire (red power line, blue power line, green control line) and gas transmission pipe of the product are introduced into the engine compartment from the equipment placement position through the vehicle bottom or inside the vehicle.
4. Please connect the red line to the positive (+) of the car battery, the blue line to the negative (-) of the car battery or the nearest grounding, connect the green control line to the vehicle starting circuit, and insert the air duct into the air filter.
5. After the above installation steps are correct, please connect and tighten the wire quick connector with the equipment interface, and the equipment indicator flashes to indicate that it works normally.

6. After the installation is completed, the vehicle shall be started normally, and the vehicle engine shall be kept at 3000-4000 rpm for 5-8 minutes to remove the original carbon deposit of the engine.

energy utilization
Hydrogen energy vehicle: it is a vehicle driven by hydrogen fuel as the main energy. General internal combustion engines usually use gasoline or diesel, while hydrogen powered vehicles use gaseous hydrogen instead.
Hydrogen fuel cell: it is to input hydrogen into the fuel cell, and the fuel cell and motor will replace the engine of ordinary cars, that is, the electrons of hydrogen atoms are blocked by proton exchange membrane and transmitted from the negative pole to the positive pole through the external circuit to become an electric energy driven motor; However, protons can be discharged through proton exchange membrane and oxidation into pure water mist.
Hydrogen energy auxiliary power energy-saving device: it is a necessary connecting product for the development of existing ordinary gasoline and diesel fuel vehicles to hydrogen energy vehicles. It is a new generation of revolutionary products that can improve the combustion efficiency of automobile internal combustion engine, make the fuel combustion achieve complete combustion, reduce the emission of exhaust pollutants, alleviate the crisis of non renewable energy, and comply with the call of national environmental protection and energy conservation.
H2 + O2 + gasoline and diesel = new generation hybrid

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